On the menu: Deliciously Ella Everyday and NOT Deliciously Ella Everyday



Unlike it seems everybody else, I’m not a big fan of Deliciously Ella but her latest book was very heavily discounted in Smiths and I had a flick and I liked how the recipes seemed simpler, so I succumbed.

For lunch on Friday I made her miso and sesame brown rice and courgette and carrot strip salad, both from the healthy eating on the go chapter, which looks particularly good, as I struggle finding healthy stuff to eat when out and about. The miso and sesame brown rice was absolutely lovely and I will definitely be making that again but the courgette and carrot strip salad was ummm, a bit of a let down. I think the problem with the salad was that it’s got paprika in and although I normally love paprika, in this context it was a bit …. odd.

The salad was at least edible though, which is not something I could say about what I made later on that day. There’s no photo because what I made looks so unappetising it’d break my camera lens, the offending recipe in question is courgette banana bread, which is from the breakfast chapter. It looked ‘okay’ when I got it out of the oven, not the nicest colour but the cake tester came out clean several times, I let it cool a little and then because I never can resist just out of the oven banana bread, I cut a slice and inside was just pure stodge. So I thought, okaaay, it’s not quite cooked after all, so I bunged it back in the oven for another 10 minutes, those 10 minutes did not improve it and actually, looking closely at the picture of the banana bread in the book, it looks like that also has the same stodgy texture, so I don’t think it had anything to do with baking time. I really must not make ‘healthy’ cakes, I need to do a Bart Simpson and write that down one hundred times on a blackboard somewhere because they’re never very nice. I think if you’re going to have cake, you might as well go the whole hog.

But on the bright side, I did have to make apple puree for the cake before hand (which involved peeling and chopping an awful lot of apples), following the recipe that is also in the book. I made a big batch, so I have plenty left in the freezer and I could just eat it neat because it was gorgeous.

FullSizeRender 42



Sunday was very much about making something NOT Deliciously Ella and this Ocado recipe looked good, unfortunately it wasn’t actually that brilliant, which is a shame as it was such a quick and easy dish to cook. It’s basically a cheats macaroni (no proper cheese sauce and you can tell) with ham hock and leeks, it was a bit stodgy and a bit blah, maybe Deliciously Ella is onto something.



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