5 things I liked this week -12/2/16

1. A son wanted to help his mother find love, so he made a video all about her.

2. A friend of mine has a small part in the next series of Fortitude, which will make it a must see for me but as I hadn’t watched the first series, I’ve started going through the box set on NowTV and it’s brilliant! Mr. Lacer, who knows more about TV than I do, correctly guessed that I would like it, as it involves murder in a remote, cold place (I am predictable in my tastes). It’s set in the small town of Fortitude in the Arctic circle, where there’s basically scientists and miners and a mayor desperate to build a hotel and that’s about it. There’s a grisly murder and some rather odd things going on, I think I’m going to become addicted.

Image credit: Sidereel.com

3. Julie from Button Button is a constant source of EPP inspiration, I spotted on instagram that she was doing the Diamond Hex quilt and I just had to start my own and now I see from Julie’s blog that she’s also doing the Star-A-Day pattern, which is incredibly tempting too.

FullSizeRender 17
My progress on the Diamond Hex Quilt so far.

4. Getting out for a walk somewhere new.

5. I really liked The Martian book, so I was a bit nervous about watching the movie but I shouldn’t have been, as just like the book, the movie is fun and definitely has the big plus of science being the hero (Matt Damon is also of course a big plus too). But to anyone who has just seen the movie and not read the book, read the book because so much more exciting stuff happens that they didn’t get a chance to put in the film.

Image credit: Fox Movies

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