On the menu: Eating Well Made Easy


Not the most attractive dish

I made the Sichuan Bang Bang Chicken from Lorraine Pascale’s Eating Well Made Easy and it wasn’t very successful. Boy Lacer doesn’t eat noodles anyway, so had a sandwich (as usual), Girl Lacer had hers without the peanut butter sauce but at least ate it, Mr. Lacer was traumatised by the chicken (as it reminded him of his mother’s inedible chicken), so didn’t eat it and well, at least I ate mine, peanut butter sauce and all. It was okay, I won’t be making it again though.


FullSizeRender 62

This was roast red pepper, tomato and caramelised onion soup with buckwheat, also from Pascale’s book and it was delicious, well I liked it anyway. Boy Lacer has been traumatised by school soup, Girl Lacer didn’t like the sound of it, so both had sandwiches, Mr. Lacer didn’t really eat his, whereas I demolished mine. It was a bit of a faff to make because peeling roasted peppers always is, but I think I will make this again, I think it would be relatively easy just to make this for one, because I don’t think anyone else will want it again.


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