5 things I liked this week – 26/2/16

  1. Dr N (the doctor mentioned in last week’s 5 things) being even more of a star and getting another aspect of my care transferred to hospital B. This time, the care was at hospital C and it had been a bit rubbish but it was over and done with. Hospital B offers a lot more care in that department, so I’m grateful and excited that I’m being transferred. I hadn’t even thought to ask anyone to transfer this aspect because I thought there wouldn’t be any justification for it, as I had already been ‘treated’, so I’m really glad.
  2. Having more space in our living room, thanks to a new sofa. We used to have a corner sofa but we’ve switched to a normal 3 seater plus an armchair and somehow the room is so much more spacious and airy and when all four of us are in there it doesn’t feel like we’re all sitting on each other, so it’s much more pleasant. The corner bit of the old corner sofa just took up space I think, wasted space that just tended to gather junk but the new sofa means you can sit more closely to the window and even on the greyest day the light is much better, so good for crafting too.


3. I’m still working my way through the box set of Fortitude and it is just getting better and better (and even more gory).

Image credit: Fifty Fathoms

4. How even though some humans can be absolutely horrible to each other, other humans are amazing, like these lovely people who reunited a refugee cat with his family.

5. Girl Lacer was in her first secondary school play and it was very good. We took a bit of a gamble with her secondary school but it seems to be definitely paying off. They do things a little differently there but it’s different in a good way.



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