#cbdrawaday February


#cbdrawaday was so successful over on Creativebug last month, that they thought they’d do it again. They found 29 days worth of material from two of their existing drawing courses and cut them down into bite sized pieces (there’s going to be another one in March too, this one brand new). I’d already done one of the courses they used for February #cbdrawaday already, a year or two back but there was no harm in doing the exercises again and I think I’ve improved a bit!


It’s definitely made me a bit more confident about using pencil, although I still prefer using pen.


I got a lot more adventurous this month (probably a bit too adventurous actually) and although it didn’t always work very well, there were always lessons learnt and I could always see something I liked in the picture.

FullSizeRender 66

I also learnt some new techniques, such as shading and blind contour drawing.


I even got out and took some reference photos on one of the days, when we were looking at geometric and organic shapes. I used the photos to create two pictures.


Anyway, here’s all the pictures from the month.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh and I’ve also been drawing quite a bit of unprompted stuff, most of it is too cringeworthy to ever show, but I do like this one.



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