Brompton Cemetry

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Last Autumn some time, I passed Brompton Cemetry in a taxi and my interest was piqued, I had a search online and realised that it was managed by The Royal Parks (I have a soft spot for The Royal Parks as they also look after Richmond Park), so my interest was even more piqued. Plus apparently they sometimes film TV stuff in there too. Anyway, so it was a case of ‘next time I’m in the area and I have some time‘, I’ll go and have a look. And it turned out that even though I’m in that area quite a lot, time to go and see it doesn’t happen so often, but it happened today (god bless the NHS, particularly when their appointments are on time!).

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Now I still have very fond memories of my trip to Highgate Cemetry (I really must go back there, I can’t believe last time we went Girl Lacer was 5!) and I had hoped that Brompton Cemetry would be a bit like that and although it was a little (in that it was sort of romantically overgrown) it wasn’t actually anywhere near as nice. But still, it was interesting.

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I was quite surprised about how crowded it was.The majority of the tombs were from the 1800s, some were from the 1900s (mainly before 1950s) but there were a few more modern graves.

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I only got a chance to read a tiny fraction of the inscriptions but a gravestone with Egyptian hieroglyphs caught my eye and it turned out to be really sad, the burial place of four children who died within a week of each other. Their dad (also buried there with the wife and the grandmother) was an archaeologist, Joseph Bonomi.


Near the Bonomi grave was this amazing mausoleum (and apparently Bonomi may have designed it), that honestly looked like a set prop from Doctor Who, I took a photo of it but unfortunately the Hipstamatic app doesn’t tell you when your phone has run out of space! It’s the tomb of Hannah Courtoy and rumour has it, inside is a working time machine!

Hannah Courtoy’s tomb (image credit: The Independent – click on the link for more about the time machine story)

So anyway, I’m glad I’ve finally ticked off something I was curious about. I wish the weather had been a bit warmer though!




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