5 things I liked this week – 11/3/16

I make no apology that 5 things is unashamedly a Girl Lacer appreciation fest this week (except for number 2). Girl Lacer is being even more lovelier than normal, although of course not perfect, you should see her bedroom….

1.Girl Lacer is learning Lean on Me in school, both the song and the music, so I’ve heard it a lot recently and it’s a complete ear worm.

2. The All Saints are back! I love their new song. I was such a massive fan back in the day, now where are my combat trousers?

3. My lovely kids on Mother’s Day; Girl Lacer bought me a lovely gift set from Lush and sweet heartedly wrote her brother’s name on it too, in case he didn’t get me anything, he didn’t but he did find me a lovely Mother’s Day themed online game to play. Girl Lacer also made shortbread, all on her own, awwww.

4. It was parent watching time at ballet again, Girl Lacer is currently preparing for yet another exam, so we got to see one of the preparation classes. Girl Lacer has been dancing for 9 years now and is way past the prancing round with a silk hanky pretending to be a fairy stage, it’s quite hard core now. And although we might as well give the dance school principal a direct line to our bank account, to see Girl Lacer’s pose and confidence is always so worth it and the stuff she can do, it makes me tired just watching her.

5. Listening to Girl Lacer play the cello, she has a cello exam soon as well (yes, I know, she’s a Surrey girl) and for once is actually practicing at home. I love the sound of the cello and she’s getting not bad at it, I even like the exam pieces she has to practice.



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