5 things I liked this week – 18.3.16

  1. Boy Lacer’s class assembly, they’re always nice to watch, especially as this time Girl Lacer could see it too, as she’d already finished school for the day.
  2. Lovely school photos, the quality of them have gone up recently but ouch, so has the price!
  3. The second from last episode of the current series of X-files (I’ve been a bit behind with my TV viewing) with the ‘brain dead’ terrorist was a bit weird and a bit preachy at the end but it felt more like a return to form than compared with the rest of the series so far. I used to love X-files but most of the series has felt like everyone is trying to remember how they used to do it (although I quite liked the episode about the street art too). But back to the brain dead terrorist episode, it felt like they were having more fun making it. The junior Mulder and Scully-alikes did make me wonder though, were they introducing new characters to take over? (Later on in the week, I watched the final episode of the series and yeugh, it wasn’t particularly good was it? The storyline felt so rushed, especially with all the flashbacks explaining pretty much all of X-files so far. It felt like they had a plot for a movie and they were trying to cram it in – badly – for an hour. Even Mr. Lacer, who is notoriously unfussy about his TV, as long as it’s American, not touchy feely and ideally has a comic book hero in it, wasn’t too keen on this one. Oh and it looks like I’m right about the junior Mulder and Scully-alikes, I quite like Agent Einstein but the other one is so cardboard I can’t even remember his name).


Image credit: Flickering Myth


4. Ooh, The Night Manager! This was another series that initially (the first episode) underwhelmed me but I’m glad I stuck with it, as it’s so good now and yes I know I seem to be obsessed with men’s tailoring at the moment but ooh the suits!


Image credit: The Telegraph

5.  Blue skies! Dare I say it, is spring finally on its way? I’ve even been managing to put washing out and even better, it’s actually dried!


(Absolutely no filter)



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