5 things I liked this week -25.3.16

  1. A lovely appointment with a lovely doctor (one of those transfers of care I mentioned in 5 things a few weeks ago). I love the NHS but some of it is far more ‘joined up’ than other bits (although that’s got a lot to do with funding). A previous appointment with the same speciality at a different hospital had been pretty much “you’ve got this rare condition, now go fend for yourself, byeee!”. Okay, they didn’t say the go fend for yourself bit but they effectively did, as all I got was a letter saying that I had x and that was it. All the care I’ve had since being diagnosed has been through the actions of a few doctors going above and beyond and a lot of bloody mindedness from me. Now I’ve seen a different doctor in the same speciality at a different hospital and they’re all like “right, we can do this, this and this” and I’m like “YES! Finally!”.
  2. I went to see the Botticelli exhibition at the V&A this week. It’s one of those things I probably wouldn’t have been bothered seeing if I hadn’t had a membership and could get in free, I always feel that Venus is a bit cliched but like I said, I could get in free, so I thought I’d go and have a look. The first room of the exhibition sort of confirmed my prejudices, it was full of modern art interpretations of Venus and most of it was a bit, well, not exactly inspiring (although I did quite like Warhol’s version). But as you progress through the exhibition, the work gets older and older and obviously the Pre-Raphelites weren’t doing as direct copies of Venus as the modern art pieces in the first room and I liked the pieces more for it. There was also a rather nice William Morris tapestry, as well as some interesting examples of practice pieces done in that era, copying small parts of Botticelli’s work. The final room had work from Botticelli himself and that was my favourite, there were some Venus like versions (without the famous background) plus many other portraits, my favourite definitely being that of Simonetta Vespucci (Portrait of a Woman). I love how his style almost looks illustrative.



Although doesn’t this Botticelli lady really look like Cate Blanchett? ↑


3. I know The Night Manager was in last week’s 5 things but OMG, the latest episode! If the tension couldn’t get any possibly higher, they ratcheted it up another level! I was having to remind myself to breath! Hugh Laurie was of course good in this, as always (so evil) but Tom Hiddleston was particularly outstanding in this episode, when his character was having to pretend to very much be someone he wasn’t and you can see him desperately trying to hold it together whilst still playing the part of the suave evil bad guy. It was really subtle but you could tell how emotional Hiddleston’s character was getting whilst he was still managing to hide it from the other bad guys. I think the final episode is going to be very, very good indeed.


4. A weekday lunch with Girl Lacer was a lovely treat for me, as I don’t often get company during the day. It was a particularly stressful day, okay some of the stress was down to running around after the aforementioned Girl Lacer but it was just nice to sit down and have a relaxing parma ham and salad wrap (it’s the simple things).

5. More spring sunshine (the weather is being such a tease, it will be glorious for one day then grey and freezing for days afterwards).



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