5 things I liked this week -1.4.16

  1. A nice walk in the sunshine, I particularly liked this viaduct.

FullSizeRender 77

2. This article about the discovery of the remains of a massive Bronze Age battle, which is completely changing how historians and archeologists view that era. They had thought that any fighting in the Bronze Age would be small skirmishes when one group stole someone else’s women and stuff like that but the remains discovered in Germany, show skeletons so densely packed, that thousands may have been fighting. And early research has suggested that the men would have come large distances to fight, suggesting a level of organisation that is surprising. The battle took place before written history, so there is no record of it and it has only been discovered thanks to the archeologists. Further research has suggested that there was a bridge in the area of the battle and they may have been fighting over that or one group trying to repel another at the only place an army could cross. I know that these were actual people who died but it does sound a bit Game of Thrones. I’m always so fascinated by the story behind these sorts of discoveries; what were they fighting about? How did the result of the battle change the area afterward? Did the ‘good guys’ win? Did everyone live ‘happily ever after’ or did some despot take over the area, making everyone’s lives miserable? What happened to the families of the men who died? How did they cope? It’s all that untold story, although I bet there was tales about that battle for years after. I think those men may have approved of being discovered again, so that their story could be told.

3. I loved this article about a species of mosquito that evolved in the London Underground, that is now so unique, it can’t breed with above ground mosquitoes (which is obviously what makes them a different species). Some scientists disagree though that the mosquitoes evolved in the Underground, as this species is found elsewhere in other underground places, so it may have been bought into the tube network but others think that those underground mosquitos from other places all descended from the Underground mosquitoes.

4. Peter Capaldi narrating an episode of Horizon on Anti-Gravity in full on sexy, mysterious voice. That man can say certain words, like universe, adventure and engineers, in a way that makes me go all a quiver. I can imagine him reading out a shopping list to his wife, ooh if I was his wife, we wouldn’t actually get out of the door to do the shopping 😉 But in all seriousness, it was quite an interesting documentary, it featured a lot of old guys who had worked or are currently working on anti-gravity projects and they were so enthusiastic, it made me kind of hope that we do have that breakthrough soon, so that they’re around to see it.

5. This story about Rademenesa the cat nurse is so cute!


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