5 things I liked this week – 8.4.16

  1. Pepperoni, bacon and green and red pepper pizza, ordered because the kids had to have meatballs on their pizza with their pepperoni and I can’t stand meatballs. So I ordered a medium with the meatballs and a small without meatballs and some token vegetables (and you can’t go wrong with bacon). Normally when I order pizza it’s what me and Mr. Lacer call ‘the pig special’, a pizza combination we invented when we were students, it’s ham, bacon, green and red peppers and extra cheese (I don’t think our local pizza place did pepperoni????) or if we’re not ordering the pig special, it’s pure and simple lots of pepperoni. But I wanted both, so I broke with decades worth of tradition and ordered the pepperoni, bacon and peppers and OMG was it delicious! In fact it looked so nice, the first slice of pizza both kids picked was ‘my’ meatball-less one! Typical!
  2. Finally a good Heroes Reborn episode! I loved the original Heroes, so had been a bit disappointed with the new series. However, now it’s all coming together, it’s getting quite good (and it’s nicer that more of the old cast is back). I’m not surprised though that it’s not coming back for a second series.


Yes, I have a thing for men in suits (image credit – Comcast)


3. A nice shopping trip with the kids; Girl Lacer likes shopping, Boy Lacer doesn’t but I’ve found that as long as I specify exactly where we’re going in advance (and it’s not too many shops), he’s okay with it. A stop off in the Apple Store and Five Guys also helps 😉

4. My current one woman drain on the NHS was started with a relatively minor problem with my mouth and although I am still waiting for some ops (hopefully soon), the original problem with my mouth was fixed this week, yay!!!! I definitely didn’t like the fixing bit, that was most unpleasant and my mouth is currently sore and not particularly nice looking but I’m so pleased it’s been finally done! It only took three different dental departments to get it fixed; first department blamed my problem on the fact that I had hay fever (????), second department said that they’d treat me but wanted further information from my GP but there turned out to be some sort of postal black hole between this department and my GP as no one ever received any letters, despite me getting them to resend several times, so it took a third dental department to actually do the procedure. Just relieved it’s done!

5. I’ve been struggling to find a book I really like recently, so to fall into almost instant book love with a new book is lovely. I have so many books on the go at the moment, waiting for one of them to grab me into that insane must read rush but until I started The Beauty of Murder by AK Benedict, it hadn’t been happening. I love it when a book is so instantly absorbing that you’re transported to a different world. The Beauty of Murder is a book right up my street; I like books that are either set somewhere I know or somewhere where I’d like to go and this one is set in Cambridge, which falls into both categories for me (I haven’t visited for years). It also features weird things happening and bookish heroes and villains, just perfect.


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