5 things I liked this week – 15.4.16

1. This cute pair in my front garden. After I’d taken the photo and was letting myself in through the front door, I heard a little girl call to her mum.

“Look mummy, there’s two snails on top of each other!”

Mum obviously imagining some x-rated snail action, “Yeugh”, she then actually sees the snails “Ohhhh, cute!”.


2. Space X successfully doing an onboard landing. I love how they keep trying and they’re running a business at the same time, after all that mission wasn’t just a test, they successfully delivered a cargo to the space station too. Also, they have cool names for their drone ships.

3. As I thought it would be, the new All Saints album is excellent, first listen through and I was like “this is good”, second listen through and I had to try really hard not to dance in the middle of the shopping centre (I was listening as I was doing my shopping, so hard to find time to listen to music, which is totally wrong). I particularly like Make U Love Me, Who Hurt Who (I like me a good ballad), Fear (particularly for the rhythm) and Tribal.

4. My shift patterns are changing at work at the moment and I’m moving away from my work being mainly something that is, to be honest, a little repetitive, with some more challenging work on the side to being mainly the challenging work with a little bit of the repetitive work and I much prefer that ratio.

5. Girl Lacer getting a distinction in her first ever music exam.


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