5 things I liked this week – 22.4.16

1. NASA really is trying to grow potatoes on Mars.

2. Catching a Heathrow Express bus on the way home from an appointment in Surrey. Okay it’s the little things but getting on a bus heading to Heathrow, sitting next to tourists taking last minute photos of our appalling weather and our even worse traffic, even if I get off it before it gets there, is the closest I’m going to get to a holiday, let alone a holiday abroad, for a long time. It also helps that the Express bus only has 5 stops before I’m home, unlike the gazillion torturous stops the bus I normally take takes. I’d take the Express more often but it’s not that frequent.

3. Quiet Play patterns are so good I’m almost tempted to learn how to paper piece.


Geometric Squirrel from Quiet Play


4. A very excited Girl Lacer on hearing that I’ve just bought tickets for her to see her favourite group for her birthday.

5. Getting off the bus (on another day), quite a few stops early because the traffic was virtually at a stand still and walking the rest of the way by the river. It was a glorious day and a bit of the river I’ve never walked along before, so I spotted quite a few nice looking bars that would be worth a try. So thank you traffic jam!


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