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On the way to another appointment (I truly am the professional patient), I stopped off at Nonsuch Park. I had allowed myself enough time to get to my appointment assuming bad traffic and amazingly there wasn’t any, hence the stop off. I’d never been to Nonsuch before but had heard of it many times in history books and historical novels, as one of King Henry VIII’s hunting lodges and I had always liked the sound of the name, so I went and had a look.


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Nonsuch Mansion, not to be confused with Nonsuch Palace, which according to Wikipedia was pulled down by Charles II’s mistress and the materials sold to pay off gambling debts


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The gardens around the mansion were on the smallish side but nice, there was a covered plant walkway which smelt divine.

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And also a small wooded area.


There’s also a nice looking park around the mansion but I didn’t really have time to explore that. It was definitely nice to go and have a walk around a part of London I hadn’t seen before.

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