5 things I liked this week -29.4.16

1. Getting closer to getting a date for my big op, I’ve been given two possible dates but it depends on whether an additional surgeon is available.

2. I’m trying to get back into listening to more music, I really love The Lumineers new album, it’s one of those albums where it feels comfortably familiar and good after even only one listen.

3. Continuing in the trying to get back into listening to more music theme, I really like Beyonce’s new album too. That’s not on Spotify (yet, presumably), so I actually bought in on iTunes (the shock of it, actually purchasing music 😉 ). My favourite track definitely has to be Daddy Lessons , with Don’t Hurt Yourself (the one featuring Jack White), a close second but I love all of them.

4. Game of Thrones is back! Yay mad Kermit arms flail! I love how even after all the speculation since the last episode of the last series, the latest episode still keeps us guessing over the fate of Jon Snow. Certain people dismiss Game of Thrones as tits and dragons but nope, it’s definitely a show (and of course book series) that makes you think.

5. Girl Lacer is currently in a Carneige book group, so she’s reading the more senior books in the short list and although I haven’t read any of the books yet (I want to!), I love talking to her about books and how passionate she is about them.


3 thoughts on “5 things I liked this week -29.4.16

    1. Thank you 🙂 Unfortunately have been waiting just over a week now to see if the other surgeon they need is available, on tenterhooks, the dates I’ve been given are in June but if they delay much longer it’ll be July, have only been waiting since May 2015!

      1. I’m sorry you’re wait has been so long Jo. That’s so stressful. Son’t let the anxiety get the better of you. I Hope it gets sorted soon. Hugs. x

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