The WIP report – April 2016


It feels like I haven’t done that much crafting this month, although in reality I’ve probably actually done slightly more than normal. My poor diamond hex quilt was largely ignored for most of the month, with the completion and attachment of the pink diamond and the start of a new one, only done in the last few days. I am really liking though, that with the attachment of the pink diamond, the quilt top is now three columns wide, so I’m starting to see more what the finished thing will eventually look like.


I spent a large chunk of the month finishing my multicoloured pattern embroidery, that was a lot of fun. I have plans for the finished piece of fabric but I need to get my brain in gear and actually do it.


I had finished my pattern embroidery just before I was going to take Boy Lacer to a programming club, this involves a lot of sitting around and I didn’t have any other portable craft project to take with me (I know that my diamond hex quilt project is theoretically highly portable but I seem not to be the sort of EPP-er who makes up loads of pieces in advance and then sews them together, I’m a make up just a few pieces at a time, sew them together, then make up more and so on and so on, which makes it less of a portable craft, as I don’t want to take all my fabrics out with me). So I dug out a rather old piece of knitting to take, which is just a load of random stripes made out of cheerfully bright coloured wool. I haven’t touched this project in ages, my knitting mojo seems to have vanished. I had originally intended to make a knitted cushion with these stripes but I think looking at the width now, it might be a bit of a small knitted cushion, then I thought about just making a scarf but then I thought at the rate I was going, global warming would have truly rendered scarves unnecessary by the time I finished it. So I don’t know what I’m going to do with this piece of knitting, just enjoy the bright colours on the rare occasions I knit it, I guess.


Without an embroidery project on the go (and my long term cross stitch projects still not seeming that interesting), I had to start another one, especially as Sublime Stitching has just released the cutest series of pillow border patterns. I plan to stitch all four, so won’t blog about it properly until they’re all complete, but I’ve just completed the first one, this is it, hanging up to dry after I washed the Sulky Solvy off.


I have also just started a birthday present (a much smaller cross stitch, so it should be manageable), so *sssh* it’s a secret.


I have been very very remiss with my drawing practice this month and I’m still working through March’s #cbdrawady (at a pace even a snail would be ashamed of). This is my latest effort, I had got confused for a bit, of course purses in the US are what we call bags in the UK.


I have also been doing some more colouring, I absolutely love the Liberty colouring book, it was so relaxing watching the colours slowly spread across the page and I also love Tombow pens because other than the orange, which leaches through a little bit, the other colours don’t show up on the other side of the page!

Next month I need to finish that birthday present, embroider more pillowcases, do more diamond hex quilt, try and get my bum in gear to do something with the embroidered fabric I made, make some pyjamas, some trousers and a bag and I must, must, must, start drawing more regularly again.

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