#Cbdrawaday March


Yay, I’ve finally completed #Cbdrawaday March!

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Considering it’s May, you may have guessed that I haven’t been quite so enthusiastic about this one. No offence to Pam Garrison, the tutor for this one, but having done all those #cbdrawadays in a row since January, I was beginning to feel like I was covering old ground, particularly as some of the topics had been done before in earlier months. So I obviously had quite a few days when I wasn’t drawing, unlike in January and February and I could definitely tell that my drawing suffered for it and if I did manage a run of days where I was drawing everyday, my drawing improved again. So I think the lesson I’ve learnt from this is definitely draw everyday but also draw what you want to draw, I’ve definitely discovered this year that I like drawing plants and architecture. I realise that I could have just not completed this but I already leave too many things unfinished, so I wanted a ‘there, I’ve done that’ under my belt and I also felt like I couldn’t start anything new, without finishing this first. There has been an April #cbdrawaday and there’s currently a May one too, the May one doesn’t really interest me but I like the idea of the April one, so I am going to do that.

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