5 things I liked this week – 13.5.16

1. That Girl Lacer has not only alphabetised her books but added shelf tags.

2. To me Converses = summer and I particularly like these crochet Converses, of course nothing can ever beat the good old classics but I can easily imagine these being a good second pair.

3. I swear that under the many layers of unathletic, ungainly, scaredy puss, there’s an adrenaline sports junky deep within me and I do sometimes wonder if the random lottery that is conception had been slightly different, would I have been spending my life up mountains and down caves? Thanks to a quirk of my job, I discovered that I really like winter sports videos, the more crazy the better and I’ve always been totally fascinated by caves ever since I was a kid. So anyway, I’m always fascinated about news stories about caving or mountaineering and I thought this article about cave divers who went back to retrieve their friends’ bodies was particularly interesting. It raises the question of course about why the accidents that caused the deaths happened in the first place but you’ve got to admire the divers tenacity for going back to get the bodies when it seemed like it could be impossible.

4. There’s a group of trees with white flowers (I’m rubbish with plant names, although I think they may be ornamental pears), very close to where I live and they’re currently smelling absolutely gorgeous. We’ve had a spell of very warm weather followed by a spell of lots of rain, so all the windows of my flat are open and I can smell the scent even when I’m indoors. The scent is particularly noticeable at the moment but it’s made me realise that it’s a smell I’ve always associated with where I live now, I could move away and years later come across another tree of the same species, in bloom and be instantly transported back to now with the smell. I wish I knew what the species was, as I’d plant it in every garden I ever own, as I’ve also realised that the nice smell I’ve always appreciated on my line dried laundry, is exactly the same smell (so it must have been where it was coming from, obviously, it’s only taken me 12 years to work that out).

5. This news article about businesses inspired by serious illness is very inspiring.

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