On the menu: It’s back!!!

My cooking mojo that is, well, sort of, I still don’t feel like doing anything hideously complicated. I obviously have been cooking, I have kids to feed but, well, thank goodness for school dinners. I can get away with sandwiches most nights and when it’s not sandwiches, it’s something like pasta, which means it’s still sandwiches for Boy Lacer, as he’s not keen on most of my cooking, unless it’s a sandwich or a cake. But I haven’t been cooking anything from a recipe for ages, that was until Girl Lacer had yet another international food thing on at school and whenever it’s international anything, Girl Lacer digs deep into her slightly Welsh ancestry (we do have Welsh ancestors and her grandad lives in Wales now but she could just as equally claim French ancestry or Irish, as we have a bit of that in our families too) and she gets me to make Bara Brith (which I blogged about when I first made it here and it’s still delicious and yes I was right, it is better going for seperate bags of dried fruit instead of a mixed bag because that way you can avoid the orange peel). When I make Bara Brith I always use an adapted version of Paul Hollywood’s recipe and I really do need to make it more often, as it’s a lovely cake for only 50g of sugar and no fat (if you don’t count the egg), it’s dead easy to make too. Anyway, I ended up making Bara Brith twice, as due to me misunderstanding Girl Lacer, I thought she needed the Bara Brith on one Friday when it turned out she actually needed it for the Friday after, never mind, that meant Bara Brith for us! So, anyway, going back to an old favourite, sort of cleared the rust off my cooking mojo a bit, so I’m going to try and cook a bit more, although this will not last long, as I (hopefully, if it isn’t cancelled) have surgery next month and although I’ll apparently be able to ‘cook a light meal’, I won’t be back up to full strength for at least 4 months.

Also to add to everything, my TMJ has flared up, last time I had a major flare up (about two years ago), it was months on painkillers, I only managed to get better by going on a soft food diet for nearly a month, I remember virtually living off rice pudding, which isn’t healthy! I don’t want to spend that long on painkillers again, so I’m going to have to try and stick to soft food again, to see if I can give my jaw a rest but living off soft food does sort of put a dampner on any cooking plans too. Anyway.



I spotted the recipe for brown sugar muffins on Pinterest and it looked really nice, I’m not going to link to it though, as I’m about to be a bit critical, so being a bit critical and linking to the recipe feels a bit mean, so I won’t link. The idea of brown sugar muffins is really nice, like you’re getting down to the pure cakey-ness, without any of the distraction from the icing or fancy flavourings but the thing is, when you do that, you’ve got to make sure the cake is really good and, well, these aren’t. These are stodgy, bland (a good, plain cake, should ideally never be called that) and they’ve got too much baking powder in, as you can taste it, yuck. They are edible but they somehow have that taste of pretty much everything I made in cookery classes at school (whether it was cake or soup, everything I made at school always had that certain taste) and I don’t think these are one of those cakes that’s going to improve with time, so although some of these cakes have been /will be eaten, I think quite a few are going to end up in the bin.


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