Lisa Congdon’s Sketchbook Explorations


I’ve been, on and very off, since last February, doing Lisa Congdon’s Sketchbook Exploration class, over on Creativebug.


Don’t take the length of time this class has taken me, as a bad thing, well it is a bad thing for me personally, that I obviously didn’t feel I could devote more time to this, as this class has been brilliant. I love Lisa’s work and it has been fantastic learning from her.


The class is very much about learning to play with your sketchbook, it’s split into four sections, the first section is watercolour backgrounds and line drawing. Lisa talks you through an example (the spider web like picture above) but she also encourages you to try the technique with your own ideas (which I did with the two raindrop pictures).


The second section looks at using collage with your line drawings, above is the worked example and below is my idea.


The third section looks at layered abstract drawing with brush and gel pens, thanks for introducing me to tombow pens Lisa, you’ve started an addiction!

IMG_5888 (1)

The final section looks at mixed media on paper, something to have up on your wall and this is what I’ve had a lot of fun making this afternoon. I followed Lisa’s example but also added some embroidery, as she did suggest also using what you know. I know it sounds a bit big headed but I am really pleased with the result!


And some close ups.



Doing this class over three and a half months and looking back at my earlier pictures, I can see that I’ve grown a bit in skill and confidence, I still have a long way to go yet though, never stop learning! I just need to remember to keep playing in my sketchbook!


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