5 things I liked this week -27.5.16

1. The joy of a decent night’s sleep! My TMJ has been preventing me from sleeping properly but thanks to the power of modern pharmaceuticals my jaw no longer feels like I’ve just been violently punched and now feels like it was violently punched a few days ago, which is a massive improvement!*
2. A bit shallow I know but I have a massive girl crush on the character of Elise in The Tunnel, we’re catching up with it (so no spoilers!) but she gives me massive hair envy, especially when she has her hair up in a bun (I’m currently growing my hair out from a pretty short cut, it’s currently just past my ears now and I now look slightly less middle aged, thank god, but it will be a long time before I can put my hair up in a bun again).

Picture credit

And whilst we’re on the subject of The Tunnel, isn’t Stephen Dillane’s character Karl, such the reincarnation of Stannis (yes I know it’s the same actor)? Both with their roving eyes.
3. Finishing something! I really enjoyed Lisa Congdon’s Sketchbook exploration class on Creativebug.
4. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Popping Candy Shell ice cream, which is quite new I think and absolutely delicious! They’re quite difficult to find though and have only had the one (which is probably quite good, thinking about it) from my local Co-op. I love the Marvellous Creations Popping Candy chocolate bars, they’re my go to chocolate bar of choice normally (although I’m currently trying to avoid them, as they’re a bit chewy) and the chocolate bar in ice cream form is even better! The outer chocolate shell has popping candy and inside is a vanilla and raspberry ice cream with the odd jelly bean. My favourite bit has to be the raspberryness actually, raspberry is not normally a flavour I readily associate with ice cream but it’s really nice, it’s made me think I need more raspberry ice cream in my life and not necessarily with added jelly beans and popping candy.
5. Graze have an online store! Obviously Graze have always had an online store, they’re an online subscription business but they’ve now also got a store where you can buy exactly what you want, in multipacks / large bags. I used to have a Graze subscription but gave it up in a money saving exercise (something the kids still ask me about, when we’d have it back again) but being able to bulk buy just my favourite snacks, with none of the risk of a week of meh snacks, Graze, I’m back baby! My favourite Graze snacks are their beef jerky (which is weird, as the idea of any other beef jerky leaves me cold) and their thai tom yum soup, now one of those snacks is good for my TMJ and one of them is really, really bad …. But anyway, I did a bit of a stock up, my kids are now happy healthy snack bunnies and I’ve got something that will hopefully keep me away from the chocolate.

*Edited to add: (as I always write my 5 things blog posts over the week, as I think of the things I like), the power of modern pharmaceuticals didn’t last long, as I’m now back to a few hours of broken sleep a night, oh well, the sleep was nice whilst it lasted, TMJ sucks, well it would, if sucking too much wasn’t also bad for your jaw.

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