A day in my life

A year ago yesterday, I did the A Beautiful Mess exercise to take a photo every hour to document my day. That particular day last year was a little more interesting than my day this year but I thought it’d be a nice idea to do the same thing this year (and the year after and so on and so on), just to document the changing years. Last year both kids were on half term break and we had a day trip to Hampton Court Palace, this year Boy Lacer had a teacher training day but Girl Lacer was still at school. Also, whereas last year I didn’t have any shifts that day, this year I had five hours worth and I can’t really show you what I work on. Anyway, here’s my day, it was considerably longer than last year’s.


Ugh my feet look horrible, not as horrible as my TMJ though, which keeps waking me up


I did manage to get back to sleep thankfully, here I am sorting my clothes for the day, going for a goth German kids storybook look (minus my great big white hammocks of a bra)


Filling in some school paperwork, I love how you can do a lot of it online now.


Okay, I may ‘love’ filling in paperwork online but it’s a bit embarrassing when the teacher (an IT teacher to boot) emails you back to say the form didn’t fill in, so trying again (I did, after four attempts, get there eventually)


Heading to the shops


Heading back from the shops


Reading a link from Twitter and eating some Graze beef jerky


My bed is my office and my studio, just tidying it up a bit


Doing some EPP, working on the Diamond Hex quilt


I’d written, last month I think, that I tend to prepare one set of shapes and then sew them on before cutting out more fabric, I’ve just started to prepare all the shapes for a diamond now before sewing it together, it somehow feels quicker that way.


Doing some housework (loading the dishwasher) but not feeling brilliant, so having a quick sit down.


My actual 5.07pm photo is a photo of Boy Lacer but here’s one of him shortly afterwards in disguise.


The kids’ tea, I know, not particularly healthy.


Starting work for the day (god I need to use some hand moisturiser or something).


Coffee to keep me going.


One of the benefits of working from home and having a job where if no work is coming in at that very moment, I have nothing to do, means that I can sometimes pick up some embroidery and do a few stitches, whilst waiting for more work to arrive. (Embroidery pattern by Sublime Stitching)


Another drink


Another quiet patch means more embroidery.


Bed time! Whilst brushing the crumbs out of the bed, I snagged my hand on a needle, oops, even worse, when I got into bed, I found another one!


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