What I’ve been reading – May 2016

I am someone who currently has 21 books on her currently reading list on Goodreads and I’m obviously not reading all of those at the same time. Some of them, such as Underground Overground: A Passenger’s History of the Tube, I swear I was reading when the dinosaurs still roamed, others such as Murder Underground (sense a theme developing?) have been on the list for much less time. I am currently terrible at finishing books but I am also terrible at not saying “right, this book is not for me, I officially give up on it”, I just can’t do it, even Underground Overground, which I think I must be saving for a really bad bout of insomnia!

Anyway, in a typical month, if I’m lucky, I’ll finish about four books, this month is was Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime (which was okay, which is a little bit damning praise when I say that about a book, if I really like a book I gush), Die of Shame (which was less okay), Down Station (which was interesting, I definitely will read the next book in the series) and The Hanging Club (which I loved). Of those four books, I’d been reading the Forensics book, on and mainly off since March, Down Station took a few weeks, as I needed a bit of break when it got to a dull part, Die of Shame was read relatively quickly (god, I must have been bored or something) and The Hanging Club was devoured in two days.

What I have also been reading this month is The Fireman by Joe Hill and SPQR, another on mainly off non fiction book. SPQR is okay but all those Romans tend to merge into one and The Fireman, eek, I had such high hopes for this, as I love Joe Hill books but so far, it just hasn’t really caught my enthusiasm. The Fireman has a really interesting premise, about a plague called the rather Game of Thrones sounding, Dragonscale, which will eventually cause you to self combust, I normally love apocalyptic stuff like that but I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve gelled with the main character Harper yet.

I think what I really need is either a new crime series to get my teeth into (requirements: doesn’t concentrate too much on the bad guy, good camaraderie between the investigators, preferably either in Scotland or London, a slight element of the supernatural an added bonus) or all the series that I am in to, just need to hurry up and release some new books!

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