The WIP report – May 2016


I’ve made a lot of progress on my Diamond Hex quilt, this month, I was surprised exactly how much when I just went and checked back on my April WIP report. I’ve completed four big diamonds and six small diamonds. I’m still continuing to place each finished diamond, whereever I think best, only after completing it, instead of having any forward planning, so it’s always a bit of a surprise to see which way it grows (and I love that buzzy feeling when you place two colours or two patterns together and they sing). So, so far I’ve got one long-ish column but it’s still only three columns wide. It’s so addictive though, this has been my main craft activity this month.


I have been back to doing a lot more drawing and painting this month (phew), I’ve really loved doing the April #cbdrawaday list (above is my latest one). As it’s been a more personal list of topics, I’ve been doing this in my journal and although I had been doodling and sticking a few things in my journal before, I love how much more colourful it has become.


I also continued with my massive colouring book spurt at the beginning of the month but I’ve sort of burned myself out with that for the moment. Above is my last completed piece and it is from Mollie Makes Colouring Book 2.


I’ve been doing embroidery too, I’m still working my way through Sublime Stitching’s pillow border patterns. I’m currently working on the third one but in my attempt to push my boundaries a bit and to use a colour palette I don’t usually go for (pastels basically), it’s turned out to be a bit of an effort to work on, as it turns out I really don’t like working with pastels (I’m currently doing the bunny rabbit one). Anyway, I have completed two and here they are on my bed, proper photos will come after I finish the fourth pillow case.


I’ve also, although it doesn’t look like it, if you compare it with the last photo of this I posted on the blog, way back in January, have been back to spending a bit of time with the Mario map. I’ve basically done about two rows lol, but that blue is quite relaxing (unlike the orange of those cliffs, which took ages and were boring).


I’ve also started a new knitting project, the Farrah top from Wool & the Gang, although you start off with a rib edge and I have a history of forgetting where I am with rib stitching and getting it all in a mess. I’m always okay once I’ve done the first few rows of rib, when the rib becomes more obvious but if, when at that obvious point, it becomes obvious that I have lost my place somewhere along the way, it’s so disheartening.

Anyway, I wrote last month that this month I needed to

Next month I need to finish that birthday present, embroider more pillowcases, do more diamond hex quilt, try and get my bum in gear to do something with the embroidered fabric I made, make some pyjamas, some trousers and a bag and I must, must, must, start drawing more regularly again.

Well, I ended up buying something much better than the planned birthday present, so the cross stitch I started has been put on the backburner, definitely A* for the diamond hex quilt and doing more drawing but that embroidered fabric is still untouched and the only time I got my sewing machine out (which was amazing in itself) was to mend Girl Lacer’s school skirt. So, in June I need to make sure I continue painting and drawing and USE my sewing machine, anything else will be a bonus.


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