#30DaysWild – 2: Bumblebees


I’ve had a very bumblebee day today, as well as doing #30DaysWild, I’m also doing another #cbdrawaday over on Creativebug, this time about painting. Today’s #cbdrawaday just happened to be bumblebees, I’m still pretty new at painting directly on the page sort of thing, I’m more of a draw it with a micron then fill in girl, so my painting so far is a little iffy but at least today’s is a big improvement on yesterday’s sushi!

Anyway, after I did my morning’s painting, me and the kids went to Hampton Court Palace, they have a new play area (which is pretty cool), anyway to get to the play area you have to walk through some of their lovely gardens, including the wilderness area and the kitchen gardens. I loved the kitchen gardens and what did I happen to spot? More bumblebees, on what looks like some sort of very big chive / garlic / onion ???? (let’s just totally forget I used to own an allotment).

FullSizeRender 36



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