5 things I liked this week – 3.6.16

1.This article about The Future Library Project, which I think sounds absolutely fantastic! David Mitchell has just buried a manuscript for 100 years; they’ll be picking one big name author a year to donate a manuscript until 2114, they’ll all be printed on trees currently growing, as part of the project, in Oslo’s Nordmarka forest. I think that is such a hopeful project and it kinda makes me jealous of all those lucky readers who’ll have all these fantastic books to read!
2.This gorgeous skirt! Part of a collaboration between Oasis and the Chelsea Physic Garden (which I still haven’t been to, I keep meaning to go). This skirt is so absolutely lovely (a lot of the pieces in the collection are) but I don’t live the sort of life which goes with a skirt like this, so I’ll just have to drool from afar.

Oasis chelsea skirt
Image credit

3. Catching up with The Great British Sewing Bee, so it’s made me want to sew a red cape for myself (forget the kids!) and a bra. Girl Lacer likes The Great British Sewing Bee too, so it’s fun to have someone to talk about it with.
4. Having the kids home for the half term holidays.
5. The Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace, which is a new play area, which had even my sophisticated ‘excuse me, I’m just listening to my Spotify playlist’ 12 year old, squealing with excitement.



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