#30DaysWild – 5: Wild flowers

wild flowers

I’m more than a little foot sore from my mammoth walk yesterday, so today I’m only going as far as my corner shop, which is 5 minutes walk away. On my way there I looked out for wild flowers, some of them are my favourites, which I always spot, like the poppies self seeded outside a neighbour’s wall, which I always love at this time of year and I always have a soft spot for daisies and dandelion (the latter especially when they go to seed). But there were quite a few, which if I hadn’t been specifically looking out for them, I would have just blindly walked by, so thank you #30DaysWild!

  1. Self seeded poppies outside a neighbour’s wall.
  2. Dandelion.
  3. Synchronised daisies doing a Z.
  4. Clover.
  5. This is one of those flowers I wouldn’t have probably noticed, if I hadn’t been looking, as they’re just tiny dots of purple in the grass, no idea what they are.
  6. Another one I’m not sure about, but this one also grows quite a lot in my ‘naturalised’ (i.e. I’ve given up weeding for the moment) garden.
  7. Oil seed rape?
  8. Another one I don’t know.
  9. And another one I don’t know.

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