#30DaysWild 7 – Dawn Chorus

I had the misfortune of spending most of last night in A&E, as I think I may have temporarily dislocated my jaw, either that or my TMJ suddenly got a lot lot worse. Anyway, I waited for about three hours, the pain in my jaw eased, I could open my mouth more than a few centimetres (unlike a few hours earlier), so I left without seeing a doctor (I did tell them I was leaving btw)! Anyway, coincidentally, I left the hospital just as the sun was coming up, so I got a chance to hear the dawn chorus, which was a lot better than Magic FM, which I had been hearing all night (although 3 hours in a hospital waiting room, even that starts to sound good). Making a video of the chorus on my way home, certainly kept my mind off my jaw!


2 thoughts on “#30DaysWild 7 – Dawn Chorus

    1. Thank you :), getting a chance to film that almost made it worth it, I’d never normally be out of the house at that time.

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