#cbdrawaday April – art journalling

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Yes, I know it’s June. In April Creativebug did a blog post with a list of things to draw each day for the month, I didn’t do it at the time, as I was struggling through the remains of March’s #cbdrawaday but I liked the idea, so I started it once I finished March.

I’ve been keeping diaries on and off since I was a kid, I tend to loose incentive once I’m on my second notebook for some reason, so I can be a bit patchy. However I’ve been having a fairly successful run of journalling since the end of January, I’m currently about two thirds of the way through that crucial (and often fatal) second notebook and showing (touch wood) no signs of stopping. And one of those things that has helped, has been using my journals as art journals too. I’ve always really been inspired by the art journals you see on places like Pinterest and having the April #cbdrawaday list, has helped encourage me. So, since I’ve been doing April’s #cbdrawaday, I’ve also been adding more art work, photos and collages inspired by what I’ve been doing that day, to my journal entries as well.

To encourage myself to continue, now I’ve finished April’s list, I’m going to try and continue with themed months, so for example, a month of drawing what I had for lunch or a month of drawing the first thing I spent money on that day, not only as a way of recording my life but also maybe making me a bit more mindful too because if I spend a month drawing cheese sandwiches or a month drawing chocolate bars, I maybe need to change something about my life! So, starting tomorrow, I’m going to draw the clothes I’m wearing for 30 days, I often feel a bit shallow saying this but what I wear each day does affect how I feel about myself but it can be too easy to forget that and just slob around in tracksuit trousers and tshirts, so maybe drawing my clothes will make me a bit more mindful about this. Also, thanks to my upcoming op this month, the clothes I’m going to be wearing is probably going to change, so it’ll be interesting recording that.




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