#30DaysWild 15 – squirrel


Not brilliant photos, as they’re through my kitchen door window.

We’ve been visited for a while by the most exuberant squirrel. I’ve seen it once land on our shed roof with an almighty bang, then quick as a flash it jumped onto our fence, then jumped onto the outside staircase, then up and over the roof, as if it was showing pure joy at being able to do that. Sometimes it roots around, head buried in a large flower tub by our back door, as if it’s desperately forgotten something but it knows it’s in there somewhere. Yesterday, it managed to knock off a bird feeder Girl Lacer made at school, that had been hanging off the staircase and was going mad over the scattered seeds.

It’s much larger than the squirrels we usually see around and I think, although not 100% sure, that it’s female (got the Great British Bake Off to thank for my lessons in squirrel biology). Maybe, as it’s so big, it could be pregnant (?), either that or just very good at raiding bird feeders.


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