On the menu: quick cake


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I’m still in a ‘I want to bake but I want to do it as simply as possible’ mood, the closer the method is to a single bowl, all the ingredients in together, mix with wooden spoon, in the oven, the better. I know that theoretically, using a mixer is even better, after all, you don’t have to even mix but maybe it’s the mixing that I’m craving when I want to bake (that and the lovely smell when it’s in the oven and of course eating it!). Also, my mixer / food processor cupboard is currently in such a disorganised state, that I’m, umm, ignoring it for the moment.

So, a book entitled ‘Bake Me A Cake As Fast As You Can’ (by Miranda Gore Browne) seems ideal, with its promise of ‘100 super easy, delicious and quick recipes’ and yep, they do all seem pretty quick. Unfortunately quite a few of them involves food mixers, which I’m sure will be fine once I sort that cupboard out but there’s still a lot that just use a bowl.

Grindelwald Muesli Cake is one such cake (well, it uses two bowls but I’m not going to be picky, specially as one of the bowls is just used for soaking the muesli in). It’s really quick to make (although the baking time is long) and the result is absolutely delicious. It’s basically a simple, sugar topped cake with muesli in, it’s lovely and soft and buttery. You can use whatever muesli you’ve got around but as we currently don’t have any in the house, I went out and got some Waitrose Muesli base and added some ready chopped (I am feeling lazy at the moment) apricots. I had been tempted to get a posher muesli but if you look at the backs of their packets, there’s so much added sugar and I didn’t want that (and sorry Mr. Lacer, I didn’t get Alpen either, I didn’t fancy that in a cake). That Waitrose Muesli base is I think going to come in useful with baking, I’m not much of a muesli eater but with its mix of barley, oats, rye, wheat flakes and seeds, I can imagine it’d be nice in a lot of bakes and breads too. So, anyway, Grindelwald Muesli Cake, healthy-ish but doesn’t taste it (umm, due to all that unhealthy butter, but hey, fibre!). I will be making this again, I can imagine it would be really nice with other dried fruit such as dried apple or dried berries.

PS The cake wrapper thingy was recommended by Gore Browne for all her big cakes, as it saves time lining the tin and makes the cake easier to get out. I hate lining tins, so I have no idea why I didn’t get any of these earlier, they’re brilliant. I also like how they give the cake a slightly village fete vibe.


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