5 things I liked -17.6.16

1. Discovering Highgate Wood, it’s beautiful.
2.The Netto cat ad.

3. The magic combination of leek, ham / bacon and garlicky cream cheese, preferably with pasta , mixed with a little bit of the pasta water and maybe a little bit of grated cheddar but ooh with anything it’s pretty amazing! My favourite pasta to have this with has to be Waitrose 1 Ditaloni Rigati (yes, it’s posh pasta, but it’s on special offer at the moment and the tube length and thickness is just perfect).
4. The lovely hospital and the even lovelier staff, where I’m going to have surgery soon. I’ve been talking with other women who’ve had the same or similar surgery and they’re often not happy about the level of support before or after but the services put in place at the hospital I’ll be at are amazing and I’m very lucky.
5. The cinematography (is that the right word?) on Penny Dreadful, I love all of Penny Dreadful (except for that episode where it was set all in America, that was a bit boring) but sigh those long lingering shots of Miss Ives in half shadow and the way how the colour palettes change between each of the different story threads.

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