#30DaysWild 18 – close up and long distance at Ham Common Wood and Richmond Park

FullSizeRender 124
Blackberry blossom at Ham Common Wood

I went for a walk this morning through Ham Common Wood, into Richmond Park via Ham Gate, then up towards Petersham Gate, then up the hill to Pembroke Lodge, through the gardens, then back home through Ham Gate and Ham Common Wood again (a distance of 6 km). Here are some of the wild things I spotted.

FullSizeRender 115
Oak leaves
FullSizeRender 120
Ant (little spider?) on a leaf, with caterpillar eggs (?) on the other leaf
FullSizeRender 121
An unfurling fern
FullSizeRender 107
Purple grass heads
FullSizeRender 117
More purple grass seeds
FullSizeRender 112
Budding thistle
FullSizeRender 111
A slug living dangerously (there is a lot of weekend joggers / walkers / cyclists on that path)
FullSizeRender 123
A grassy meadow
FullSizeRender 116
A hill that is steeper than it looks (I go pass this hill regularly on the bus and have been meaning to walk up it again for ages)
FullSizeRender 122
Quite a view


FullSizeRender 118
And glad to be heading home, I don’t like the look of that sky!



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