Penny Dreadful – the FINAL two episodes -MASSIVE SPOILERS

Here be massive spoilers, you have been warned.


I’ve made no secret of my love of Penny Dreadful here on this blog recently but I watched the final two episodes last night and although I still enjoyed them, they left a tiny bit of a meh taste in my mouth, my issues were –

  • Vanessa was hardly in it at all (although in a way that was nice, concentrating on the other characters, who all effectively revolve around her – except maybe Lily and Dorian – even when she’s not there).


  • Why was Catriona Cardigan brought in? Other than to be a considerably more useful / kickass / attractive version of this guy 👇 in the final battle?


  • And talking of the final battle, that’s where the meh sort of really comes in; Dracula, what were you thinking?


The whole series, in fact the whole show basically revolved around how Dracula really, really wanted Vanessa, so like, she’s really important to him, right? Then how come in the final battle, he gets SO distracted fighting the other guys (a fight he is easily handling by the way), he totally doesn’t notice that there’s a werewolf missing?


And not only that, you’d have kind have thought that Dracula would have had the ‘I better put some minions to guard my beloved, in case I get distracted swatting flies in the final battle’ forethought, but nope, Ethan just strolls on up the stairs.

Episode 309

  • And then there’s like, what was Vanessa’s final game plan? Was her ‘you’re never going to have me Dracula, oh I give in, bite me bad boy’ from the earlier episode, just part of a sacrificial plan to pretend to be on Dracula’s side and then to kill herself later when he was a bit more relaxed about things? Or did Vanessa really embrace her dark side but one look at her former beloved, Ethan, make her completely change her mind?
  • Also, sorry, just a bit too overly religious and preachy that last bit, I don’t like my TV drama preaching at me.

But, on the good side –


  • I thought the guy playing Renfield was fantastic.

*All images from Penny Dreadful – HBO.


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