#30DaysWild 28-29

Well I’m in hospital a little longer than I had thought I’d be (although hopefully out tomorrow morning!), so my opportunities to go wild have been a bit limited (but oh have I been fantasing about just getting outside and bare feet in dewy grass instead of compression stockings would be even unimaginably better!).

But anyway here are my #30DayWilds for yesterday and today.

Day 28 – the simple joy of a fresh salad – I’m lucky to be at a hospital where the food is pretty good, but I haven’t had much appetite and so when I have managed to eat up to salad-gate, it had been as plain a food as possible, basically random carbohydrate and cheese. But I thought I could push the boat out for a salad yesterday (with the prequist cheese, my blood tests always come back with me low on a long list of electrolytes but funnily enough, calcium is not something I’m deficient in). Anyway, oh my goodness, that salad was one of the nicest things ever to eat, just crisp lettuce, juicy cucumber, flavoursome pepper (and of course cheese), it was just the best possible reminder that the outside world was still out there).

Day 29 – an episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage about The Sound of Music, not the musical but as in the science of music. Although they looked in part as to why we like music, they spent a lot of time looking at whether animals like music and whether things like bird song is music or communication.


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