What I’ve been reading – June 2016

June hasn’t been much of a reading month, with only three completed books, although in my defence The Fireman was very long. I’ve also read (sticking the reviews here, as I couldn’t blog properly in hospital)

End of WatchEnd of Watch by Stephen King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

End of Watch is the last of the Bill Hodges’ trilogy, you could read it on its own but I’d definitely recommend reading all three books in order. Book 1 is about The Mercedes Killer, a thoroughly unpleasant character who kills some people by driving over them in a Mercedes. Book 2 is more loosely connected but does tie in (I think book 2 is my favourite, personally) and Book 3 ties everything up with some creepy stuff. I really don’t want to give any spoilers, so sorry for being vague!

Holy Island (DCI Ryan Mysteries, #1)Holy Island by L.J. Ross

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ugh, I think I was a bit mis-sold this book, I was looking for a new crime series to get into and the wild island location and mention of paganism, looked perfect for me but the blurbs I read didn’t really mention the romantic aspect of it. Now, although I’m not really into romance books, I don’t mind a bit of romance if it’s well written *cough, cough*, not this book then. The romantic scenes between the troubled DCI and the pagan mythology expert were particularly cringeworthy. If I’d read one more description of what everyone looked like, particularly their hair and their eyes, well bleurgh.

This could have, potentially been quite good, the setting of a small island community with a mysterious pagan ring would have been quite good but nope, the writing style did nothing for me.

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I did like The Fireman and End of Watch (for the record, out of that particular father-son duo, I personally prefer Joe Hill books more than Stephen King books) and Holy Island was pretty awful. 

I’ve also been continuing to read SPQR (although I’ll admit I’ve been mainly using the audiobook as a way to get to sleep / block hospital sound out), so the Romans are still tending to merge into one but listening at 4 in the morning about the interesting ways they’ve murdered each other and the interesting things they murdered each other with (a chair leg during an attack on their ‘parliament’, with pen quills after two factions of clerks got into a slagging match).

I’ve also started the audiobook of Dracula (one of my all time favourite books) and The Last Days of Jack Sparks but it’s a bit difficult to concentrate on anything.



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