5 things I liked – 1.7.16

1. I had my op yay! Now I’m a little bit hesitant putting this down as one of my 5 things this week, as I like to only put down things that are 100% like and well, I am glad it’s done and in the most part my care was very good, there were a few aspects that were absolutely horrible. Notably the last night (my fifth night in hospital, already a day over the latest I thought I’d be in for), was particularly bad and I was practically begging to be let out. So that last night has sort of (at the moment for me at least) put a downer on an experience where I was mostly treated by lovely, kind, talented individuals. That’s not to say that the people who treated me on my fifth night were horrible, they weren’t, I just desperately, desperately wanted to be out of there. Unfortunately though, I really should have more treatment but right now, after that last night, ugh it’s the last thing I want (right now).
2. Being woken up after the surgery by Mr. Lacer, who was waiting for me in the CCU, that was the best thing ever to see after a general anaesthetic.
3. Coming home, oh my goodness, fresh air, colours that were actual colours instead of a uniform hospital beige! My own bathroom! Nicer food! My own bed!
4. O.M.G Game of Thrones!!!!!! I missed the finale as I was in hospital, so I tried (and a little failed) to stay away from spoilers until I got out. The whole thing was epic but particularly the score in the King’s Landing scenes and the Cersei’s costume, just imagine being the creative person / team behind that.


Spoilery link


5. Getting my dressings changed (and significantly reduced) and my last drain removed today, yay! I can now sneeze in not so much agony now!


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