5 things I liked this week – 8.7.16

  1. Mr. Lacer (who is currently in charge of the food shopping) for still buying my favourite foods, although he’s struggling with the salad part.
  2. We, as a species, have done something right with the environment for once! Reports this week suggest that the ozone hole is healing itself. During one of my post op sleepless nights, I was listening to podcasts on the World Service and they had an interview with one of the scientists who went down to Antartica originally to help back up British data that there was a hole in the ozone layer, 30 odd years ago. It must be amazing for her to see such an alarming problem start to fix itself in her life time (thanks to some excellent international cooperation in banning CFCs). I was a very environmentally conscious teenager when the ozone hole was discovered, it’s great to see that it’s getting better.
  3. Jersey clothing is a godsend for those recovering from surgery on their abdomen. When I came out of hospital I literally couldn’t zip up the skirt I went into hospital in (a skirt, which at the time had actually been slightly too big), as the swelling was so bad. The swelling has gone down quite a bit now but anything that doesn’t have a smooth, soft waistband (or even better, is just a dress), is not going to happen right now. And of course another benefit of that sort of clothing, it can accommodate my daily changing size far better than something more fitted. And wearing jersey sort of feels like an extension to wearing your pjs and as I’m still spending most of the day on or in the bed, it’s perfect.
  4. The Handmade By Royal Appointment series is perfect gentle TV watching and makes me long for a job where I’m using my hands all day.
  5. IMG_6914

My incredibly mistreated succulent is flowering and it is absolutely stunning! I think (although not 100% sure) it’s an Echeveria, I’ve had it for a few years now, it was banished outside (Mr. Lacer is very cat like in his ability to knock plant pots off window sills) and it’s spent at least two winters outside, the second winter with no protection whatsoever. It did turn from green to red (something I remember reading was a cold thing) but it kept growing , forever sprouting off new babies but it’s never flowered, until now. I am slightly paranoid that this is it’s last “I’m dying” gasp, “I must spread my progeny far and wide, away from this hell hole” or it just really likes mild winters and very wet summers.


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