5 things I like – 15/7/16

1. I’m desperately looking for new TV to watch, as I can’t craft for too long without my arm getting painful, I haven’t had that much success in my TV hunt but I have found Mr. Robot, which I love. I’m currently working my way through the first series. I love everything about it, from the extremely cool, very retro opening title, the Dexter-ish narration, the lovingly shot New York scenery, Rami Malek, to how worryingly believably realistic it is.

2. My surgery was effectively in two stages; fixing the problem, then getting a plastic surgeon to put me back together again and it wasn’t the easiest op for the plastic surgeon to do and he did warn me beforehand that the result may not look brilliant but oh my goodness the guy is a genius! Every time I get my dressings changed I get compliments!  Just before the surgery, I was met by the plastic surgeon and a massive retinue of supporting surgeons (the op was 12 hours long) and he drew all over me with a biro, a line here, a line there, before sitting back to judge the overall appearance, literally like an artist, which I truly believe, in effect he was. It’s times like this I always wonder, do surgeons paint or sculpt or sew in their spare time? As they are obviously so good with their hands.

3. Girl Lacer almost literally bouncing with adrenaline after a successful performance at an arts festival.

4. Beautiful flowers from the guys at work.

5. And flowers blooming in my garden.


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