5 Things I liked – 22/7/16

1. This interview with Ruby Tandoh, who is a bit of a food hero of mine, she says a lot of sensible stuff about the whole current wellness fad, particularly about the demonisation of ‘working class’ foods and how expensive the wellness equivalents are. As I recover from my surgery, I am trying to eat more healthily but I’m not going as OTT as some of those wellness books go,  I’ve tried cooking from them before (not that I’m up to peeling much more than a carrot at the moment) and a) it’s expensive b) nobody else in my family really likes it. So my healthy eating at the moment consists of lots of salad vegetables, juice, marmite, cheese, hummus and beef jerky (for protein and iron).

2. The plastic surgery to put me back together has resulted in me being a different shape, so some clothes shopping over the next few months is in order. It’s given me the opportunity to rethink my wardrobe a bit; I’ve been thinking a lot about clothes over the last few months anyway, clothes are a confidence boost for me, so I might as well utilise that. I don’t mind having a small wardrobe (in fact I need a small wardrobe, my clothes storage space is about to get even smaller next month) if every piece of clothing makes me feel good. Anyway, I’m having to be controlled with my clothes buying, I’m a bit broke and I’m still wearing mainly jersey, as it’s still the most comfortable thing against my operation scars but I have bought a few things this week; two shirt dresses, a tunic dress and a couple of M&S secret support vests (underwear is a constant challenge for me right now, I’ve spent more money on underwear in the last month than I have in the whole previous year) and well, put it this way, I couldn’t have worn those things with my old body, so that was definitely a big like for this week.

3. I love this interview with Pip Jamieson about creative start ups.

4. I love the Twitter account for the Ravenmaster at the Tower of London (@ravenmaster1), he must have such cool job. He posts some amazing photos and vines, I particularly like this one.

5. I love, love, love, this short documentary on Shirley Hughes, she is a massive inspiration to still be working and creating at 89 and it was an education to see her work on one of her distinctive illustrations.


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