The WIP report – July 2016


As well as finishing my embroidered pillows and the As If embroidery this month, I’ve done a little bit of the diamond hex quilt. It was just two big diamonds, the green diamond that has somehow got folded under itself in the photo and a blue diamond, two along from the aforementioned green diamond. Both of those were done in the last week, I wasn’t really up for anything fiddly before that.


My lack of up for fiddly-ness can also be seen in my Mario cross stitch, with just about only another row done, although at least now I’m temporarily off the blue! Although to be honest, that’s what made me stop, it’s a lot harder to make a brain dead mistake when you’re just constantly filling in a single colour, than when you have to go and stitch another boulder.

I’ve mainly been doing quite a lot of drawing and all for trying something a bit different, I’ve made a little vlog about what I’ve been doing in my sketchbook this month, excuse the video quality, I made a total rookie mistake with my phone orientation and therefore I had to fiddle with it and now it’s just a square and the resolution isn’t great and a few bits are chopped off, think of it as a podcast with bad pictures! It was my first time using Adobe Premiere and boy do I have a steep learning curve.

Mentioned in the video:
Urban Watercolour Sketching by Felix Scheinberger
The Three Colour Drawing Book by Sarah Skeate
More Sketchbook Explorations, Intuitive Painting and Sketchbook Doodling from Creativebug
Gelly roll pens!

Plans for August, umm, I’m still not up to that much, so more drawing, hopefully more diamond hex quilt, I’d like to start another embroidery and well, anything else is a bonus. I’d love to do some machine sewing but it’s not going to happen.


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