5 things I liked this week – 5.8.16

1. Pokemon Go, even if I feel a bit embarrassed being seen out in public playing it.
2. Long, gossipy phone calls with my dad.
3. Anyone who follows me on Pinterest, may have noticed this week that I’ve got a major thing for Oliver Jeffers. When my kids were little, Oliver Jeffers picture books were some of our favourites. Back then, I don’t know, I think I always imagined Jeffers to be some little balding old man but (sorry Mr. Lacer), Jeffers actually turns out to be kind of hot, with a sexy accent to boot.

I’ve only pinned one Jeffers video though (in my defence) but I have pinned an awful lot of his sketchbook pages because they’re wonderful.

4. This checked dress I bought from Gap a few weeks ago, as the weather is beginning to cool a little now, so I can wear it. As the old adage goes, one of the quickest ways to get dressed is to wear a dress, yet still look put together and smart. And what is particularly good about this dress is that although it feels smart to wear (particularly if with long black boots), the soft flannel material makes it feel like you’re walking around in your nightie, so win, win!

5. Pizza when you’re absolutely too shattered to even make a sandwich.


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