5 things I liked this week – 19.8.16

1. There’s a fantastic Neil Gaiman documentary on Vimeo, it’s about his last ever signing tour and why he writes etc. Although Gaiman obviously talks about writing, a lot of what he says resonates about being creative in general.

2. I loved this piece from Tom Cox about wild swimming. I initially started reading Cox’s stuff through his cat twitter accounts but he writes so funnily and poignantly about other stuff too.

3. I love how well Team GB are doing in the Olympics at the moment, okay I’m not actually watching the Olympics but to see so many happy, joyful faces on the news and on my twitter stream is lovely. Particularly considering I remember the first Olympics I particularly took notice of, Atlanta, 20 years ago, we didn’t even make the top 20 in the medal table and I remember all the hand ringing about why we were so rubbish. As I write Team GB is second on the medal table, we’re beating China and considering how small our population is relative to the other countries in the top three (US and China), wow! I think the London 2012 effect is definitely paying off! 

4. Girl Lacer has got making shortbread down to an art, she’s memorised the recipe and the result is delicious.

5. The last episode of The Living and The Dead! Wow, even the baby was a good actor (okay, presumably lots of raw footage and excellent editing, as the facial expressions of the baby, such as ‘Are you really going to leave me with this ghost, mum?’ were excellent. I can’t believe that the BBC have not commissioned another series though!


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