5 things I liked this week – 26.8.16

  1. Getting out to see some Welsh countryside last weekend.

    Near and at Barmouth plus Snowdonia

    2. Appreciating my own ‘countryside’ when I got back (and the fact that it was a lot sunnier!)

    Home Park

3. Whilst I was away (and the kids were at the mother-in-law’s), Mr. Lacer started the very long process of swapping ours and the kids’ bedrooms around. We live in a tiny two bed flat and can’t afford to move, for the past 12 years, me and Mr. Lacer have had the ‘big’ bedroom (it’s not that big, particularly when both kids were babies and took their turns sharing with us) and the kids had the little bedroom, sleeping in bunk beds eventually (they originally shared the room in a toddler bed and a cot). Both kids need a lot more privacy now and really should have their own separate bedrooms but we can’t afford to move to a three bed place in our area and we desperately don’t want to take the kids out of their schools, so we’ve swapped bedrooms. Now technically our flat is a two double bedroom flat but the second bedroom really is a stick a double bed in it and not much else room but you know what, I think it’s cozy.

Photo 25-08-2016, 22 27 25

I do have a hell of a lot of stuff to sort out chuck out though (and also a lot of storage solutions that require sewing).

4. The Great British Bake Off is back!!!!!

5. I have a new dangerously favourite shop, The Journal Shop, do not, I say do not, click on that link if you have any predisposition towards stationary, particularly vintage or Japanese, because it is bloody gorgeous, sigh (and I thought Present and Correct was dangerous).



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