What I’ve been reading – August 2016

August 16

I haven’t managed to complete that many books this month but looking at the list I think I’ve sort of managed to break the hold that conventional murder / thriller stories have had on me for a while. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was of course good, Fellside was brilliant once I finally managed to get into it (and although on the face of it, it was a ‘girl in trouble’ sort of thriller, it had a marvelous spooky twist) and The Oversight, which was a bit meh. Other than those three, I read a little more of Urban Watercolour Sketching and have started Travelers Rest.

I abandoned Travelers Rest pretty quickly, it’s terrible, I know I shouldn’t be influenced by reviews, but I’d had Travelers Rest in my to-read pile for a while and when I finally picked it up to start to read and of course added it to my ‘currently reading’ on Goodreads, I noticed that the Goodreads score was 2.83! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a book on Goodreads before with a score below 3, so instantly my hackles were up and I was already thinking “this can’t be a good book”. And so far, a few chapters in, it isn’t, although how much of my opinion is coloured by that score, I don’t know. I think maybe if it had had a higher score, even with a clumsy start, I would be maybe willing to give it more of a chance but at the moment, I have very little desire to pick it up again.

So, in the meanwhile I’ve been reading another book I abandoned ages ago and having picked it up again (and restarted it and giving it a little bit of a leeway as I got into it), I’ve fallen into book love with. It’s not madly passionate book love (it’s not a top five sort of book – or even close) but it has totally absorbed me. The book? Heresy, the first in the Giordano Bruno series by SJ Parris. I had abandoned it ages ago because the prologue of a bookish monk escaping the Inquisition, somehow didn’t interest me and the opening chapters of lots of characters standing around having conversations designed to fill the reader in with background information, excited me even less but as I discovered, once you wade past all that first bit, it’s actually rather good. I’ve actually nearly finished it and there will be a review either much later today or probably tomorrow. I am rather excited to have found a series with another four more books to get my teeth into!


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