The WIP report – August 2016


It’s been a bit of a strange month, I’ve still been recovering from my surgery, which has limited me in some things, I also had a long weekend away (where I got more craft done, probably, than I had for the rest of the month) and we’ve been swapping bedrooms around, which means that most of my stuff has been in boxes this month (and still is).

I’ve made a bit of progress though with my diamond hex quilt, although I’ve realised with my ongoing bedroom cum ‘craft room’ organisation, that this project is literally taking up an entire shelf of some very limited craft storage. I’ve never really had a deadline for this project, happy to always have such a pleasant, calming craft to go to and I plan that the finished quilt will be BIG, so I knew it was going to take a while but still, craft storage is craft storage.


I’ve also made some way more interesting progress than just blue sea (which it has been for the last few months) on my Mario cross stitch.


But Mario has had to be on hold for a while, whilst I work on a currently secret special project (excuse the bad photo). I had hoped to have got this done by 1st September but nope, it will get done this month though (it has to be), so watch this space!


I did actually, sort of manage to finish something this month but with the move around, I couldn’t find my iron to iron off the Frix-iron pen, we’ve since found the iron, realised that we desperately needed to buy a new one, have bought a new one but just the thought of trying to manhandle the ironing board up in our messy flat at the moment is just too depressing, so it has yet to be ironed. (Also manhandling ironing boards is probably still really against doctors orders, it’d count as too heavy). I will iron it this month though and will blog about it properly then but until then, it’ll just be a glimpse. (The pattern is by LiliPopo.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve also been doing this August’s #cbdrawaday, which was art journaling with  Dawn DeVries Sokol, I liked this one, as it encouraged you to go with your own ideas and to use lots of different media. I’m feeling a little disenfranchised though with #cbdrawaday as a whole, as part of the initial fun was seeing everyone else’s work on Instagram but the #cbdrawaday hashtag has totally been taken over now, particularly with spam for bloody vaping. I’m not saying I’m never going to do #cbdrawaday again but I think I will have to really like the look of the prompts.

In September I want to do so much craft! The kids will be back in school, I’ll be more on the mend and I might just have cleared some boxes, so a) I’d know where all my stuff is and b) possibly have some space! I did start this month (not mentioned above, as I only got as far as washing the fabric and sticking together the pdf pattern pieces), the skirt version of Sew Over It’s Rosie Dress, as Girl Lacer was going to a ’50s party (she’s been now, she ended up wearing a pair of ridiculously cute on her (but she wasn’t keen on) denim culottes I got in the M&S sale for £7 – which was considerably cheaper than the fabric I bought for the skirt, which was late being posted out to me, which delayed me even further) and I will make it this month, as Girl Lacer would still like a swirly skirt. I also want / need to do so much sewing to help with storage for mine and Mr. Lacer’s new bedroom, I need to make a bed pocket, as there’s no room for a bedside table on my side of the bed and I want to make some fabric boxes to store some of my fabric scraps. I also, finally, want to start updating my own wardrobe, I have so many plans!

I’ll also continue working on my daily drawing practice, without a #cbdrawaday this month (there actually isn’t one, they’re having a competition instead – which is open only to US residents – boo), I’m probably going to work my way through some more of Creativebug’s art classes, I quite like the look of this one.

I also would quite like to do some more knitting, although I’m currently being so slow with my current knitting project – a Wool and The Gang summer top (some rows were knitted in August) which at this rate will be ready by next summer, I am trying to control myself not to start any new projects.


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