5 things I liked – 2.9.16

1. A walk by a stream in Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park.
2. We went to The Good Food Show at Hampton Court on Bank Holiday Monday. We saw Paul Hollywood and Martha Collison. Paul demonstrated bagels that looked ten times nicer than the bagels you can buy in the supermarket and I have to try the recipe and an apricot and fig tart, which I wasn’t so keen on, only because I don’t really like those sort of tarts or figs for that matter. He was very funny and rather red, having just come back from holiday. Martha was lovely too, although she looked a little nervous bless her (I’m sure Paul Hollywood was probably nervous when he first started doing these things too), she made oreo ice cream brownie sandwiches. The ice cream looked like the easiest recipe ever and I have to try it, I’m not a massive fan of oreos, although my kids are, so I’ll have try the recipe with oreos in but she did say you could add anything to the ice cream mix and it’s no churn! The brownies also looked lovely and added with the ice cream to make the sandwiches, looked absolutely delicious!

Good Food Show - Paul Hollywood

Good Food Show - Martha Collison

3. Me and the kids were on the bus, it was extremely crowded and we were spread across the bus, squeezing in where we could. There was a baby screaming angrily and it was all just ‘very crowded bus’. Then suddenly, from behind me, I could hear, just under the baby screaming, someone softly singing a song in mandarin. I turned round (although I knew who it was), it was Girl Lacer, she started mandarin lessons last year and as far as I can tell, hasn’t learnt that much (it’s probably one of her least favourite subjects and she normally enthusiastically loves everything) but she has learnt quite a few songs in mandarin (the one she was singing on the bus translated to Jasmine Flower) and they’re beautiful.
4. Going to see The Lost Palace.
5. On the way to and from The Lost Palace, we walked via Southbank, one of Girl Lacer’s favourite places (Boy Lacer is pretty fond of it too), every time we go there, Girl Lacer guaranteed sees it, draws in a big breath and sighs “I love Southbank”. I’m very fond of Southbank too, there seems to be always something new to see. This time there were the ‘Modified Social Benches NY‘, which were fantastic fun and a big hit with the kids.


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