On the menu: total icing failure and belly hug soup


Total icing failure

baked, I actually cooked something from scratch, I followed a recipe! This was the first proper thing I’ve cooked for months, all summer I’ve been living off sandwiches and pasta, so it was a bit of a shame that the icing was a complete disaster but still, icing never was my strong point!

The recipe is Malteser cake from Miranda Gore-Browne’s Bake Me a Cake as Fast as You Can, the actual cake is lovely and the icing actually tastes nice too, it’s just a bit split and very runny.

My September resolution (I always feel that September resolutions are far more likely to work than New Year resolutions, after all will power is always low at the dreary back end of winter, whereas September still feels like new school year and all that, even when you’re 41), anyway, my September resolution, now that my fitness is coming back, it to bake at least once a week and cook a savoury recipe from scratch once a week too and that does not include the recipes I do without referring to anything, which are usually extremely easy and just involve throwing a few ingredients together. No, this is cooking as a hobby not just as a means to feed myself and my family, at least once a week for savoury and once a week for baking (unless I’m away from home). So hopefully ‘on the menu’ will be back ‘on the menu’ (you can groan now if you want).


Belly hug soup
This is Belly Hug soup from the second Happy Pear book, it’s just lentil soup really but all lentil soup is belly hug soup really, it’s very nice.

I love having my cooking mojo back and I’m particularly enjoying the challenge of ‘using stuff up’. We’ve been living off food, that put it this way, doesn’t really involve ingredients, all summer and getting ‘ingredients’ back in the house again has made me extra determined to use everything up! I don’t normally blog about recipes I’ve made before and have blogged about previously or ‘recipes’ where really I’m just throwing random stuff I’ve got in my kitchen together. But I thought I would at least add briefly what else I’ve been making this week.

  • I made pasta soup from a Tessa Kiros recipe with Girl Lacer and because I had some passata left over and I impulse bought some mini stand up taco shells in the supermarket the next day, I used the rest of the passata to make yummy tacos (those mini shells are good, Boy Lacer doesn’t like the bigger ones as they’re too messy but he ate these). And the remains of the taco sauce made a really nice topping for jacket potatoes for lunch the day after (sprinkled with grated cheese on top, extra yum).
  • The icing disaster cake needed me to buy some cooking milk chocolate and some Maltesers (obviously), I didn’t need to use all the chocolate and amazingly (since the op my sweet tooth is weirdly very much reduced), there were still some Maltesers left two days later, so I made brownies, using the milk chocolate and the remaining Maltesers as extra filling. I used the brownie recipe from the Great British Bake Off: Learn to Bake book, which I make all the time (well, when I make brownies) and therefore I must have blogged about before but I can’t find the post right now but trust me, good recipe.

PS I have a ‘rival’ in the kitchen now, Girl Lacer, who is developing a mean repertoire of classic dishes that she normally has far more success with than me, I will have to up my game! 😉



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