5 things I liked this week -9.9.16

1. Wandering around the vegetable garden at Hampton Court.
hampton court vegetable garden

2. Going for a walk in Richmond Park and enjoying the wildlife and the view.
Deer - Richmond Park View from the ridge - Richmond Park

3. The kids going back to school, *blush*. I love, love, love having the kids home during the holidays and I am always acutely aware how short this time is but I also like my routine, so right now I’m enjoying getting back actually into one and also enjoying how much, Girl Lacer at least, loves school.

4. More wildlife, this time on a walk by the Thames.
Heron - River Thames

5. And finally, I know it’s a bit shallow but that Apple keynote, sigh, those new iWatches and definitely big dreamy sigh over the camera on the iPhone 7+. I do 99.9% of my photography using my iPhone these days, my iPhone 6 is as good as a point and shoot and I always have it with me, looking at the camera on the iPhone 7+, wow, that’s almost (I say almost) getting DSLR like! The photos above were all taken on my iPhone, the ones of the deer and the heron taken with the digital zoom, so not brilliant, it looks like I wouldn’t have that problem with the 7+!


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