On the menu: bolognese​

Well that resolution lasted a long time, I have failed to bake anything this week, although ironically I’ve been craving homemade cake all week (specifically chocolate orange marble cake for some reason, I have now found a recipe and will be making it next week) but it’s just been too hot to bake. Anyway I did make –


Bolognaise from Ruby Tandoh's Flavour
I made the bolognese from Ruby Tandoh’s Flavour, it was a bit of an adaption because as usual I came to the recipe and discovered that I needed way longer than I actually had to cook it. Of course the secret to a good bolognese is a really long slow cook, so I should have realised. Anyway, it probably worked out for the best, as Tandoh’s recipe was for 8 and I was halving the ingredients for 4 and I think a two hour cook would have rendered that much sauce into a burnt lump.

So, anyway, I am perfectly capable of making a bolognese without a recipe (everyone is) but it’s always good to learn new tricks, so I thought I’d give an actual bolognese recipe a try for a change. Ruby’s recipe involves milk, which I have tried before in a bolognese and didn’t like but actually this time it worked quite well (I still don’t think I’ll be adding milk to my own personal recipe though). She also didn’t use stock (whereas I always do), I guess the milk and the white wine (another ingredient I rarely use in my bolognese), was enough liquid as it was. If I were to line up a bolognese made with stock but without milk and wine versus a bolognese made without stock but with milk and wine, I think I could tell the difference but I wouldn’t be able to tell you what exactly the difference was. I guess it’s all down to personal taste and I’ll be sticking to my stock version, as I rarely have wine in the house (one of the reasons I went for this recipe, was that in a kitchen tidy I did find a small bottle of white wine).


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